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Fair Friends 2020 : Sustainability in the time of the Corona Crisis

Aktualisiert: 13. März 2021

Year 2020 is different from any other. It is the year that we have the Corona Virus swiping all over the world in chaos and uncertainty in the future. It made us all the more aware that any crisis can become global in an instant and affect us all. But if we all work together, we can also overcome the crisis. After 4 months of lockdowns and quarantine measures, the world is finally beginning to take small steps back into normal life.

With strict hygiene rules, it was possible to hold the Fair Friends 2020 in Dortmund, Germany from September 16 to 20, 2020. Visitors from all over Germany came to check out the latest sustainable products in the market. We presented our sustainable and fair trade shoes brand DeCarbonize. This year we introduced our first collection of cork leather Sneakers designed with handwoven fabric from Philippine Indigenous People Groups. Check out the video below of how our booth looks like and how hygiene rules were observed during the trade fair.



To all who visited our booth and supported the Start-ups area, we wish to thank you! Follow our Instagram account to keep updated with our products and projects.

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